Terms and Conditions

First of all we thankyou!

This is neither written by lawyers nor a legal document but written by techies to safeguard our interests and cover our back.

We want to keep this simple, so you could actually read this!

1) You agree and vouch that you will not ask for "dowry" in marriage, and discriminate people based on "caste", "religion" or race when you are in our website. We work passionately to remove the social ills of this country, to prepare the "Next Gen" for the new millenium.

2) Gotlove.in is operated as a simple, fast and free service to conscious and socially motivated individuals, who want to bring in change to Indian society to challenge the deep rooted social 'status quo' in matrimony! We also provide "premium" paid services.

3) We do not sell or use your personal information other than to display in your profile, so use your information prudently and safely as you would share in any public medium, such as matrimonial brokers, or column in newspapers or other matrimonial sites.

4) We are not liable for misuse of any information you provide, you so provide them with your full knowledge and in good conscience, and absolve us of any and all liabilities.

5) You agree that you would take all precautionary measures before contacting a potential partners as in any other means of matrimony such as newspaper column, marriage brokers, and other matrimonial websites.

6) You understand and agree that you will not disturb other members against their wishes. You will desist all means of communications when you are told so by other members.

7) You understand and agree that you will not post disturbing, obscene and information of any kind which is of derogotary nature.

8) You understand and agree that this website is not manually monitored by humans regularly. This is a self moderated and any members who don't abide by the T & C will be removed without notice at any time and your email/phone would be blocked in the site. And a complaint would be preferred with the law enforcement agencies if your actions are deemed of criminal in nature.

9) Finally, we understand that you have the multiple options and freedom to choose your own morality. Therefore you agree and declare that you aren't coerced into joining Gotlove.in and you do so by your own will.

10) If you don't agree with our philosophy, you have plenty of options in India, our competition provides all your needs. We are happy to refer some: